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    1. Guys, the prize is a tshirt, it says on the first post.
    2. Wait, did someone already get it!?
    3. gosh frickin darnit, I really want a shirt
    4. I'm spent I can't figure it out. I looked for doors in each of those videos to see if there was a number or something x.x
    5. Am I on the right track, (baby) @M△⃒⃘tt ?
    6. I've tried looking up the name of the samples and everything to do with the song, so I'm trying things from this page https://ladygaga.fandom.com/wiki/Bloody_Mary_(song)
    7. The moment the words "MUSIC FROM BORN THIS WAY" show up on the screen, a sample from Bloody Mary is playing...
    8. It would help to know if it's more than one word lol
    9. It's something to do with Bloody Mary me thinks..
    10. roses...judas...happybirthday...pizza... lol