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  1. hahahahha "gaga, please, let me make a doc with your stuff of this tourrrr" ohhh this is so nice of youuu
  2. Hey thank youuuuu ♥ Joanne is so hard to edit, I don't know why hahah
  3. thank youuu! the final version will be remastered in 4K. ♥
  4. Hi guys! My name is Carlos Lima, I'm the editor of 98 Nights with Gaga, a webseries made by me about The Born This Way Ball. In each episode I approach a different theme and report an event that gives context to the performance. I have been editing the series for years, it seems a little time consuming but it is not monetized and I need a lot of time to make because a lot has been lost since 2012, which makes more difficult for a better result. After months editing, today I will put on the new (9) episode, Americano & Poker Face. I will be grateful if you can watch, give it a like, share and everything ♥ PREMIERE 5.30PM (BRASILIA TIME): PLAYLIST WITH THE OTHER EPISODES: ps: moderators, I hope I won't be arrested for creating this topic hahha
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