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    1. I've seen that and the one with the giant shoulder pads.
    2. The new one? Little Mikey Myers?
    3. Monster Ball > Born This Way Ball > Fame Ball > artRave > Enigma > Joanne World Tour > Cheek to Cheek I've attended artRave, JWT, Enigma and C2C.
    4. Bad Romance! Closely followed by Scheiße, Government Hooker, Judas, Captivated, etc.
    5. My buddy just sent me pics I haven't seen before. Not the one of her face makeup that leaked earlier, but this one has a new outfit and everything. Definitely her, no question S H O O K
    6. It's all part of the experience. Gosh, I was on the original forums a decade ago. I've experienced it all first hand at this point. I hope this era brings back some power tho.
    7. The shade of it all 💥 thank you for the welcome!
    8. I came just for you. She's Lady Gaga. Yes she's has leaks before but at this point in her career and stardom, it boggles my mind to think she is honestly THIS prone still. It simply must be a marketing scheme.
    9. Omg a new forum. Will they let me one day become a mod? Probably no, no one ever does. Will this forum overtake GGD? Remains to be seen. Do I enjoy the moving profile images? Oh yes. Omg I can finally upload images?! Hi friends!
    10. Low-key think this is all intentional