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    1. Im hoping the deluxe book set!! maybe a vinyl as well ❤️
    2. Sophie, taylor or ariana would be a dreammm
    3. Right? Like he was told by his DJ it was released, so he didn't know anything, but where did the DJ get that instrumental... like
    4. https://twitter.com/LaMaisonGagax/status/1227493956499337216?s=20 girl-
    5. Legit!! We barely got anything for Joanne. we got cds and like what.. 2 vinyls? it sucked. I wished for wayyy more. We got so many clothing items but i kinda wanted the smaller accessories. I loved JWT merch cuz there were bracelets, cowboy hats, pins, etc.
    6. so many!! BTW at grammys, the VH1(?) commercial with government hooker. the fashion show with scheiße and the long pigtails, physcially getting the album (my birthday in may 22 so it was the day before, so for my bfay i got an amazon order slip for the deluxe album and got it the next day) and heavy metal lover on new years eve.. such memories.
    7. Christmas tree honestly. Used to love it when it came out but idk.. also dope. its so hard to listen to that song. not cuz i dislike it but it gets me sad-
    8. 1- ARTPOP unreleased. all of it 2- more active on social media 3-the MGA unreleased gaga dolls
    9. hes cute!! if she is happy then really, that's all that matters.
    10. 1. I like it rough 2. DITD 3. heavy metal lover 4. Gypsy/MANiCURE 5. DIC
    11. wait these are like.. perfect!! i love the artrave one!!