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  1. I did and they just told me it should ship on December 31st.. well it was worth a shot! lmfao
  2. Has anyone who ordered the US Signed CD's shipped at all??? I'm seeing so many people get them but me or my friends (my friend ordered right as she posted and i bought about 2 hours after) have had any shipping confirmation. She restocked 2-3 times since we ordered so..
  3. Anyone have them? I'm mainly looking for ARTPOP (old pressing) but would love any of the albums! Thank you!! ❤️
  4. Im hoping the deluxe book set!! maybe a vinyl as well ❤️
  5. Sophie, taylor or ariana would be a dreammm
  6. sure!! just message me and we can talk it all out. Would you want just the UHQ (ranging from 950kbps to 1100 kbps) or the itunes M4A (around 260 kbps each) as well? here!! [Hidden Content]
  7. Yeah!! Would you happen to have a list? The ones i have are (i put as spoiler so it wouldnt be as long) All the ones that have UHQ next to them, i have in FLAC, all the others i have in M4A quality but i would like better if you have cd rips if at all possible Ty!!
  8. didn't the donatella acapella leak? i have it in 1411 kbps Would you happen to have any of the remix EPs in flac 24bit? Im looking for them all in UHQ
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