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  1. Bish she should choke herself cos she ruined her own career plz
  2. My fav gay movie + my fav song from ASIB ❤️
  3. Idk but it’s funny seeing some monsters fighting over that woman as if she is someone with actual hits and awards lmao.. hella entertaining to me
  4. Definitely go with your Favorite Gaga quote Quotes are inspirational, unique & something beautiful to look at when u get older this is my Gaga quote tattoo i got “I’ll be myself until the f**king close the coffin”
  5. LoveGame, scheiße, The Queen, Million Reasons, Always Remember Us This Way, Marry The Night, Gypsy
  6. Another homo here 🤷🏻‍♂️
  7. Loreen - Crying Out Your Name + her entire HEAL Album ❤️
  8. It’s hilarious to me when i see some “monsters” bashing Gaga when she didn’t even announce anything .. i mean they should be blaming themselves cos they leaked her sh*t in the first place smh
  9. So many ughh but the best one imo was when she released JUDAS on Easter Day and got the Pope FUMING lmao
  10. Back in late 2008 or early 2009 i used to be a Huge britney stan and i was watching Circus and reading the comments and literally the entire comments section was about this Lady Gaga who is the new Queen of pop and coming for Britney’s crown .. so i searched her name and Poker Face was just released & honestly i fell in love instantly and she became my #1 fave 12 years later and I’m still here .. I don’t stan anyone but her tbh
  11. Born This Way will always be not just my fav Gaga album but my Favorite album EVER .... that album literally helped go through a lot my 2nd fav is ARTPOP for sure i know it’s a Soundtrack but ASIB is high up there as well
  12. Soooo goood & creepy.. i love it
  13. If u haven’t seen these then u should definitely watch them : - Locke & Key - Marianne (Horror) - Russian Doll - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina ( if u haven’t already)
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