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    1. Always Remember Us This Way was a worldwide smash waiting to happen.
    2. I’m gonna Marry The Night I won’t give up on my life I’m a warrior queen live passionately tonight
    3. It would’ve been perfect for Feb 14 but the dates we got from Mr. S was Feb 20 so it’s safer to wait for Feb 20 rather than Feb 14. Hopefully ‘The Box’ will drop enough points in order for her to have a chance at a #1 debut.
    4. Looks more like a professional still shot of the video now that I think about it. I don’t think the video will leak.
    5. If it turns out to be real, the heart thing in her forehead could’ve been left out. A serve nevertheless.
    6. Now some are saying it’s Grimes. The mess. I can’t.
    7. I guess they edited a pic of her face with the bleached eyebrows. Edit: Okay wait I found a better picture. It might be real after all lol. Don’t know if I’m allowed to share here.
    8. We still waiting for the ‘Huge LG6 News’ though. 🐒
    9. A visual album. But not like in a surprise drop. I still want her to release singles. She could release like 3 singles before the album drops. And the video of each songs on the album following one story. That would be wig snatching.
    10. The leaked image looks like this. Sad. We can never win.
    11. Hey @BadGurlMadge!!! Just made an account here too. 🖤