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    1. I need some news about #LG6, i'm going Crazy my lord
    2. hi my friend. Please solve the enigma for us haha
    3. My god, i can't wait to have #LG6 um my hands lol
    4. share this leaks is wrong, but gaga's team should take Care with the security of her material.
    5. Do you think the influences of the álbum will be disco or pc music?
    6. imagine a world stadium tour again, i would live
    7. The intro of Lola by Iggy Azálea looks like Americano
    8. BTWBT is huge and so perfect. 🖤
    9. MY TOP 4 Superbowl LI Halftime Show VMA 2009 The Sound of Music Tribute at Oscars 2015 Shallow at Oscars 2019