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    1. And you obviously know how to talk in English, so stop the clownery.
    2. Someone didn't read the forum rules.
    3. A riddle is defined as a question or statement intentionally phrased so as to require ingenuity in ascertaining its answer or meaning. Honestly, we're not solving a riddle, we're looking for a needle in a haystack.
    4. Leaving this dirty work for y'all.
    5. I swear to God, if the prize is just a sneak peak of what's coming to the forum, I will beat someone up.
    6. I wish we had an actual riddle to solve. 'The name of the eye behind ARTPOP' and 'Inez&Vinoodh' aren't riddles.
    7. Halftime Show and her glam-rock rendition of Shallow at the Grammy Awards.
    8. Nobody’s gonna heal me if I don’t open the door!
    9. I would love a 'Fan Art' and 'Downloadable Media' section.