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    1. based on the people she is rumored to be collabing with, i'm hoping for a pop-techno masterpiece (think charli xcx, sophie, kim petras). But based on Stupid Love it kind of just sounds BTW-era-esque. thoughts?
    2. they're all over instagram nooo please dont even say that they won't give it up
    3. we need to be able to click on the posts people are quoting/replying to and be brought to those original posts. that way we can react to it and see who they are quoting/replying to (if applicable) it would also be super helpful if there was a way to organize forum posts! like on reddit by "recent, top," etc. later replies get hidden and it's not worth clicking through all the pages, so i don't revisit forums becuase i have to sift through all the old stuff to get to the new stuff
    4. as long as she's happy but i will forever be sad that she doesn't have a girlfriend rip