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    1. Ok so i’ve seen a lot of comments regarding Gaga’s management team and stuff. Many of them saying how bad or good it currently is. Since we have many people experienced in management and show business here , I give u this: Bobby just left Gaga and YOU are chosen to manage her career, brand, etc. What would you do? I personaly don’t know anything on the matter so idk what i would do i would freak out and run probably also please be respectful i don’t want a messy thread thank u
    2. Take this with a grain of salt but it seems plausible to me So corrections on the translation: -video was designed in partnership with EA Games -Gaga is an alien who comes to the planet amidst people fighting and spreads love (totally sounds like Gaga) -a lot of choreography -her dogs make an appearance -the album name will appear as an Easter egg in the video -the video ends on a cliffhanger, leaving space for a continuation -video will be released during a live performance during Fortnite Fest 22
    3. If we have the MV of SL like the leak photos, or the demo, would you like it?
    4. Ok so I don't know if anyone has posted this already, but there's a theory made by a Twitter user that basically... us Little Monsters ARE the release of LG6 basically Think about it, she wants to give us a release that no one has done yet, and from what I know of, there hasn't been a fanbase that released new music that the artist hasn't, yet... I feel like I didn't explain that well, but I hope you get the idea Here's the Twitter thread: https://twitter.com/eualber/status/1225949035099557889?s=20