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    1. where is charts section in this website i cant find my place
    2. bitch me too the fuck kfmdndnffn lets celebrate that fndndnddndnfndnsjs
    3. well at least you know your friends created account and pretending to be you. i was only posting in charts thread with 0 active warning points at that time. new morning i woke up and see that i received 10 warning points for trolling and creating dupes. like wtf? i literally have a right to sue that website for that undeserving ban.
    4. ikr? they banned me for creating dupe and troll on the forum , and i didnt even do that i was like “ bitch what was the reason” probbly some of admin’s friends didnt like me and said to him ban this member, and the admin was like “ok.”
    5. bitch me too the fuck kccjdndjdnfn