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    1. With the delay, I hope it will come at the end of the month or at least early March 🙏
    2. Hopefully no more leaks and an actual announcement to hype things 🙏
    3. Well I lived through the whole ARTPOP era but I can't find it
    4. 23973815394729463 posts here and some are just CLOSE to the answer. I-
    5. Firstly: Whoever finds the code can share it so everyone can enter The Door! 1 person found it: Not sharing 4 people found it: Not sharing So despite it being a "game" what was the point of saying that whoever finds it can share it? Because obviously they won't
    6. It is but the person who found it don't want to share it..
    7. Matt said that it's up to the person who found the answer to share it. And obviously they don't want to..