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  1. Gaga coming with her own Farbenspiel I could not believe it
  2. Well all the singles of The Fame have special place in my heart because those are the first Gagie songs I heard and that’s when i was like, yup! I’m about to stan this bitch forever. She is my religion. But a very personal song for me is Perfect Illusion because it came out around the time I was freshmen year in HS and i was dealing with a heartbreak after I feel in love with my bully who became my best friend and yeah.....I realized it was a perfect delusion and he isn’t self hating gay but an actual str8 homophobe
  3. 15k sales is like max 2.5-3m (paid) streams. Billboard doesn’t use “points” that’s what those who predict charts do and Billboard never published the exact formula. What we know is that streaming has the most impact, followed by digital sales and finally airplay.
  4. Aquaria is also a little monster it’s fun e how we always win yup yup
  5. Taylor did it for ME!ss too, I think Ariana did it for one of her songs too its really a gift to the fans and we deserve it
  6. I doubt there will be physical release first week but, eventually there will be, or at least I hope so
  7. RPDR UK was very refreshing, and in my opinion much better than last few seasons of US DR(until the finale) Just keep auditioning! You will get there eventually < 3 what’s your drag name?
  8. And I disagree streaming is weighted more for the B100 than sales and sales are dead. I would rather lose 15k sales so that I can have more streams
  9. The show peaked with season 1-6 and AS2 The show is declining and they will never reach the highest of those seasons
  10. That’s why most of artists release like 6 hours before tracking begins. Those Charters are stuck in 2011, it’s streaming age girlies!
  11. Thursday release is much better in terms of Streaming + radio. Song gets added to playlists a day after so that way the song would be on every important playlist the first day that the tracking begins (Friday). Playlisting song on Saturday or Sunday is literally useless because those are the weakest days on Streaming services. Also video release on Friday , a day after song was released is much better. And again more streams. Same with radio, bigger airplay after first day of picking up. Ughhhh!
  12. Y’all wait for me!!! @M△⃒⃘tt what rumors we-....
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