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  1. 1. Chromatica 2. Born This Way 3. ARTPOP
  2. I'm not sure I can express my feelings just yet, although I listened to it three times so far.... SOOOOOO My absolute favorites are: Alice, Replay, Enigma, 911, 1000 Doves, Sine From Above (without the weird ending, it's so out of place for me) Free Woman was kinda weird at first listen but then it grew on me fast and it's 100% a bop. This album doesn't have a single skip, banger after banger, I can't really contain my happiness now, I'm not feeling tired at all, I wanna dance through the night. The lyrics are so much more deeper than I thought they will be, some songs make me wanna cry my heart out and I definitely will cry like a baby after the first shock. It was so highly anticipated from me and it's even better than my expectations. Her best and deepest work so far in my opinion. (and I'm a veteran) I wanna thank her in person and hug her and dance together to the album. So good.
  3. Unfortunately we don't have the picture in HQ yet, but she is serving sooo hard in this era. I love it!
  4. Also guys, check this out, Gaga sang a part of 1000 Doves in 2013 at iTunes Festival and I'm living for it: Edit: I got sooo excited, I didn't notice this was supposedly a part of the demo version of sexxx dreams, maybe she reused this part, and that would be a dream
  5. Yeah, they are most likely interludes imo.
  6. I claim Rain On Me, Babylon and 911 as my holy trinity in advance. But honestly aaaaall of them are so cool-sounding titles, can't wait for Enigma, Free Woman, Plastic Doll. Ugh, her mind... also I'm so happy for the Elton collab
  7. Born This Way - Scheiße, Judas, Bloody Mary The Fame Monster - Dance In The Dark, Alejandro, Monster ARTPOP - Aura, ARTPOP, Venus thank u, next - in my head, bloodline, bad idea Sweetener - everytime, goodnight n go, no tears left to cry Pure Heroine - Ribs, Buzzcut Season, Glory and Gore Manic - Alanis' Interlude, killing boys, Ashley Sunshine Kitty - Come Undone, Equally Lost (ft. Doja Cat), Glad He's Gone Hot Pink - Rules, Streets, Better Than Me Lust For Life - Cherry, Summer Bummer (feat A$AP Rocky & Playboi Carti), Heroin Ultraviolence - Black Beauty, Florida Kilos, West Coast Honestly I could do this all day
  8. If you are interested in true crime, I highly recommend Don't Fk With Cats because it's a mini docuserie about a not so popular killer who started online and the case was partly investigated by regular Facebook users. It's very interesting but intense to watch. 100 People: This show is a very funny one, it's about doing experiments with 100 people, searching answers to popular but unsolved questions for example which sex is better or which generation is the best at doing things? I am a Killer: it's true crime again (my passion lol) Every episode portraits a killer on death row or life sentence. They tell their own stories, then the investigators or the family tells their story of the case themselves. Sometimes someone lies (mostly the killers), basically you can decide which story is the truth. Stranger Things: if you didn't watch it yet, it's a must-see. Sex Education: Very funny but sometimes it made me cry like a baby. The Platform: Sick af spanish movie, but worth to watch. Edit: oh how could I forget? Love, Death + Robots is a must watch too! It's a sci-fi, fantasy, horror serie in which episodes are animated and basically work like short films, it doesn't requires to be watched in order.
  9. Ariana or Halsey would have been so good. They are my second favs after Gaga. :D
  10. That would be iconic actually
  11. It's Teeth, because for me it's musically too harsh for everyday listening. I love live versions tho. Another one is Christmas Tree, I used to love it like 10 years ago, but nowadays I literally can't listen to it anymore.
  12. kitsune

    Stupid Love

    Yeah, they just posted about it... Fk, I'm genuinely hoping that Haus Labs WITH music is on the way and not just cosmetics. We are all sooo hyped up, imagine the disappointment if it would be just some new makeup products. I was so excited when I saw Gaga posted an Instagram story. I consider myself as a patient person but all the producers' hints and all the rumors made me so thrilled, it would be so cool to hear about music from Gaga herself. Also don't get me wrong, I love Haus Labs and the fact that she is so passionate about it, but the silence about music is honestly killing me, meanwhile all the producers and insiders hint about the new album all day all night, create a huge hype and LMs spread rumors. (I didn't listen to SL yet, so maybe that's why I'm feeling this constant tension. )
  13. kitsune

    Stupid Love

    Perfect time to post this if something really happens on the 17th. I would be soo happy if these rumors were true, I'm so excited.
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