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    1. That would be iconic actually
    2. It's Teeth, because for me it's musically too harsh for everyday listening. I love live versions tho. Another one is Christmas Tree, I used to love it like 10 years ago, but nowadays I literally can't listen to it anymore.
    3. Ah, yeah I thought ranking them makes it easier, but turns out it doesn't. Honestly my preference changes every other day, it really depends on my mood. Tbh I really like ASIB but I'm rarely in a mood for it. I'm very curious about how LG6 will change this list of mine. 😄
    4. I really love this, always makes me happy somehow. also I really like Jewels N' Drugs.
    5. 1. Born This Way 2. ARTPOP 3. Joanne 4. The Fame Monster 5. The Fame 6. Cheek To Cheek 7. ASIB Soundtrack
    6. Everyone says she is not gonna attend tonight, but I'm still hoping and watching the gala like a fool.
    7. It's gonna be my last semester at uni, I'm studying Library and Information Science, but I'm not sure if I wanna be a librarian or not. Here in my country, the general public disrespects libraries, librarians and reading and they have a lot of stereotypes about them. The salary is also very low, although I would be really passionate about it if it would pay a bit more. This way it's almost impossible to live from that money, but ironically it still requires a degree. I also have a student job in H&M, I go whenever I have free time on weekends and thinking about working there for a while after I get my degree.
    8. Stan: I think Gaga only, not familiar with other artist's lives and art like hers. Fan: Halsey, Ariana, Tove Lo, Billie, Lorde and I also like more underground artists from completely other genres like Suicideboys, Joji, Elley Duhé, Alina Baraz, Flume.
    9. Venus cover is my life, also all the BTW shoots. And yeah brunette TFM is also sick.
    10. As long as she is happy, it doesn't matter who she is with. But to me, he resembles more positive energies than Christian did. Ofc I don't know them but he seemed like he was a little too obsessed with her. This new relationship seems healthier and maybe more serious.
    11. I think it will be a whole new concept or Enigma but revamped.
    12. I have never seen Gaga live sadly, although I'm a Monster since 2009. I'm from Hungary and the last and only time she was here was at the time of the Monster Ball Tour in 2010. She received harsh critics from the ridiculous hungarian press and it was around that time when ppl thought she is secretly a man... Our country is pathetically homophobic, although it's a bit better now than in 2010. I was only 11 years old and it was in the capital city 3 hours away from me and my parents didn't let me go. Later she was attending in Vienna with BTW Ball and due to financial reasons and because I was still pretty young, I couldn't even consider to go. Rn I'm 20 years old (crazy to think about how Gaga inspired me and kept me going through the years..) and I'm sooo ready to see her. And I'm sure I won't miss the opportunity if it comes to be true.