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  1. Eh, there's still so many products they can and probably will release. It's too early to tell. Not just new ones but also multiple palettes, more lipsticks, eyeliners etc. But I am surprised they didn't go all in on lipsticks, fake lashes n stuff.
  2. It's by an user who tried guessing it an hour ago, sis, hahah
  3. Most likely since you can see a comment was posted in the locked thread.
  4. + it would go perfect with the makeup brand she's building. Such a messy decision, but then again, we don't know half of what's happening behind the scenes, so I ain't gonna keep saying shit.
  5. It was extremely successful, I still don't understand why did they discontinue it.
  6. "As of August 2019, it has sold 1,148,000 copies within the United States."
  7. As much as I want it, I think we should all just let it go at this point. It ain't happening.
  8. Blasting the album in full on a sunny but breezy day next to the beach with a couple of friends days after it dropped.
  9. They've already accused her of copying everyone and their mother, why not add Dua to the list?
  10. Something a la Dula Peep's Physical. As long as the whole thing isn't animated, I'm good.
  11. I hope she does a couple of memorable TV performances & returns to world famous festivals.
  12. We come here to crack the code, but in the end the code cracks us.
  13. Ehh, sorry to hear that! Also, one of the reasons why I enjoy it as much as I do is because I believe the majority of that album is gonna age like wine.
  14. Shallow ft. Bradley, Telephone ft. Beyonce, Do What U Want ft. R. Kelly (yes, I'm sorry ). Also, I absolutely adore and enjoy her work with mr. Tony Bennett.
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