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  1. It must be a word or phrase from that song
  2. I really want the t-shirt. I've already chosen one, but I know I'm not that smart to figure out the answer.
  3. omg I'm so dumb I literally mixed them up
  4. no44 no.44 hausmeeting thetruthisinmyredlipstick These ones didn't work..
  5. Okay, so Gagavision no. 44 was the last one she posted before the release. Something must be on that video..
  6. The way I'm giving up. You got me Admin.. you got me.
  7. At this point it's cheaper for me to buy 10 t-shirts instead of trying for the 50th time and having a mental breakdown.
  8. That's very difficult hint.. Hmm.. 23.5.2011.. So no song titles as someone already tried that...
  9. May the best heaux win 💋
  10. I really love Coachella 2017. Her energy and fierce looks that day, the way she played fan favorites and songs we thought we'd never hear live again (Venus and Sexxx Dreams), her surprise releasing The Cure.. Ugh, I'll never forget that day.
  11. Ooh, I thought you were talking about ''Lemonade'' like visual albums where all the songs and videos drop at once.
  12. I'd love that, but I strongly doubt that it'll happen. I mean didn't they supposedly shoot the video for the lead couple weeks ago? I doubt they have shot 13 or more videos..
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