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    1. yeah I tried VMagazine and other stuff I don't remember
    2. You're seriously so mean ! Help us instead of trying to feel superior… ridiculously tragic
    3. I hate this riddle wtf is the eye behind ARTPOP ?? There's no eye thing anywhere in ARTPOP stuff
    4. "Tomorrow" isn't a hint about the riddle they just wanted to say that we're getting another hint tomorrow so don't waste your time thinking about what happened on Feb 11 lmao
    5. I don't care at all about her boyfriend I just want her to be happy and I don't want a man who's trying to take control over her life
    6. Hola yo soy frances pero vengo aqui para decir : ¡ Compra ARTPOP sobre iTunes ! Adios
    7. She looks so good but I won't comment on her makeup
    8. Feb 14 would be very cool but I think it will be on 20th or 21st
    9. How the hell can you all answer this question… It's clearly impossible for me
    10. Not always changing her plans (TEOG music video with the unseen footages, Venus music video, ARTPOP Act II, original LG5 etc)
    11. I'm 20 and I've never been in a relationship
    12. I stan Lady, Gaga, Lady Gaga, Lady Haha and Stefani Germanotta
    13. I hope it's true my JWT date was cancelled in Paris