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    1. could you imagine if LG6 was a double album called LADY and GAGA? Lady a more acoustic/jazz album and Gaga a weird pop banger? i know it’s been discussed before but I couldn’t imagine a better concept
    2. I can’t see the door even though I have 15 posts
    3. As long as she’s happy tbh it doesn’t matter. But yeah he’s hot af
    4. I’ve been to them all except BTW and Enigma because of cancellation and distance but based on what I’ve been to, ARTPOP or Joanne tbh. The vocals she served at Joanne sent me
    5. I honestly hope there’s some sort of justice done for the leak. It’s absurd how people got their hands on this sh*t
    6. Honestly the lack of announcement or anything is killing me more than actually hearing it
    7. I remember hating this idea at first but it was actually kind of fun and made me feel "exclusive" to be able to hear the songs before the general public
    8. We all know DITD should've been one but tbh Monster would've killed as well