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    1. Coming on 6 years with my partner in August. Met via Hornet. Going on a big trip with his family March to April to see their original homeland before immigrating here to Canada. South Africa here I come!! (With 5 days in Amsterdam on the way there!)
    2. Wait this time around it’s case sensitive ?!
    3. It has to have something to do with a camera type or lens or something. The first hint used to say “The eye behind Artpop” but it now says “the name of the eye behind Artpop”...
    4. It’s obviously someone in her close circle doing this. It keeps happening. The only way this stuff is getting out is someone on the inside who has access to all this material is sending it out. Or they have a really bad hacker situation and need to figure out their computer security.
    5. i tried the number she dialed on the phone that spells marrythenight but it didn’t work.
    6. I work with a company that does software and breakdown services for the film and tv casting industry/ for actors / agents / casting directors
    7. The door will open, and we will party.
    8. I’ve tried Gagas birthdate (in number forms...) and alleged release dates for single...