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  1. Omg what if she’s going to use this to stream performances????
  2. Probably a placeholder before it was finished. They can upload/replace
  3. Right? Everything is colorful but dark and edgy and I love it. I have a feeling SL was the brightest visual we will get. I bet Enigma will be very video game inspired if she does a single for it. Who knows!
  4. Hello, everyone! This is my first post, and that’s pretty exciting. I am a senior level graphic designer who has always enjoyed pop culture design. I’m currently gagging over the Chromatica aesthetic with its references to 70’s and 90’s design trends, while making it feel current. What are y’all’s thoughts on the colors, the typography, the promo art? There’s even some visual callbacks to The Dark Crystal, Power Rangers and more! It’s a beautiful world that I can’t wait to dive deeper into.
  5. Random thought: as a graphic designer, I’m loving Gaga’s throwbacks to 70’s psychedelic and 90’s grunge for these promo materials. The colors are giving me life too!
  6. The app is gorgeous and fluid! Can’t wait for the forum feature!
  7. It definitely needs to come back. My bottle sat around empty for so long I finally threw it away. I wrestled with saving it for nostalgia or whether it was just clutter.
  8. No. I haven’t been in any relationship for the last two years. Perfectly happy with that.
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