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    1. well shit... i dont think its gonna leak in full at all bc this snippet is clearly from a set
    2. cant wait to see the artwork for chromatica
    3. soooo... whats supposed to come out tomorrow? a new single? album announcement and pre-order?
    4. 1. The Fame Monster THIS HURTS MY SOUL SO IM JUST GONNA PUT MY FAV I'd say ARTPOP and Born This Way are up there as well
    5. I think it's gonna be very interesting I just wanna hear what you think?!
    6. honestly i just listened to the album and its not bad i must say. i believe theres something we dont know though
    7. Everyone's saying that the album is fucking amazing so I'm excited for what's to come and if the rumors are true next week is the time (28th) im expecting gaga to hit us with some P O P also the haus labs release was this week could it be that the schedules aligned perfectly? haus labs then new music and with shallow charting, people are ready!!!! EMERGENCY!!!!!!
    8. it surely sparked interest in the public again but it doesnt mean that it was intentional which it probably wasnt so technically it's just benefiting her in a way
    9. lmao i cant imagine her doing that... 😅👀👁️?
    10. ugh cant wait to see more crazy looks and show stopping concepts from her i love the joanne era but im just so excited
    11. i mean from what we saw it could be especially because she wore the same lipstick in her enigma show in miami right? lol i could be wrong but thats all we know