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  1. yes, and we will get chromatica residency
  2. maybe enigma will end and we will get another residency with another setlist, clothes and name
  3. original LG5 would've been dope, joanne could never
  4. this acc does that all the time, they fake predictions when they're wrong, they simple delete it and pretend nothing happened, and i think he meant feb 2020, not feb 20th
  5. can't they share the password? I have no ideia what it could be
  6. well, it's tomorrow already and you can tell us it has been postponed
  7. had to read it twice, thought you said that stupid love would come tomorrow hahaha, anyway, hope nothing changes
  8. maybe we can expect a video with a stupid love teaser on the launch of the new haus labs products
  9. At haus labs instagram stories, sarah tanno said gaga will be wearing the hot rod pink shade A LOT, that's obvsly a hint for stupid love, since it's the same shade from the leaked footage
  10. não more, como eu disse, acredito que dia 17 vai anunciar tudo: single, album e tour
  11. na verdade a informação foi que outdoors serão espalhados no dia 17, mas o matt não sabe ainda o que terão neles, o que provavelmente deve ser o single/album, mas acredito que pode ser anuncio de tour já que o HDD disse que ela vai anunciar datas em breve, dia 17 deve anunciar tudo
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