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    1. amphibisch ?? !!! die Blütezeit, Sururu !!!! das Siegel, Pelikan !!!!!! die Spitze des Topogs, Löwin !!!!!!!!!
    2. Try GOVEGAN and STREAMIDISAGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3. There is a pedophile between us, I feel threatened for my kids!!!!!!!! His name is VINI!!!!!!!
    4. Hi, loveres!!!! My name is Joanna Newsom, I'm 36 yo, I'm from Rocinha!!!!!! I have 2 kids that LOOOOOOOVE Lady Gaga!!! They gave her a sweet nickname: Gaga teta de slime!!!!!!!!!! I don't let them use internet, so I'm here for them!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stream I Disagree and Go Vegan!!!!!!!!! Xoxo, Joanna!!!!!!!!!!!!