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    1. J'étais pas repassé sur LGN depuis un petit moment, je pensais pas avoir créé une guerre civile
    2. I hope this is not something where the first 10person win something, because I need to leave now, and it would be unfair after spending hours trying to find it
    3. There are 34 pages with hundreds of possibilities ...
    4. I don't even remember all the passwords I tried
    5. Jesus, I thought you knew Their silence is hyping me even more tbh Inb4 there's Gaga herself behind that door, and they're having a tea party while reading our clowneries
    6. I mean, everyone who was like "please share the password if you are in, don't be egoist" suddenly become silent when they enter the door, Idk what's behind it but it changed their minds
    7. I can't believe I spent hours on here trying to solve this instead of doing something productive, the things we do for her
    8. I tried everything related to Inez&Vinhood, Applause MV, photoshoots cameras, makeup, dates, Applause's mask fashion designer, I've been through everything I can't anymore, I'll just wait
    9. They are clearly asked not to tell us the password, but I don't get why, since there's only one winner ?
    10. Why does everyone who enter the door suddenly disappear and stay silent ? I'm getting scared of this door, this is a trick, they all just died
    11. I might be dumb but I just realized I didn't even opened the first door, but the code doesn't work anymore, do I need to open the first one to open the 2nd ?
    12. I'm waiting for the Final Hint since it's been 24hours now
    13. I'm searching things in ARTPOP's annoucements posts, since it's both related to Koons and Inez&Vinoodh (they did the photoshoot)