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    1. actually im on the floor laughing with that. that moment and the theme song are the only reason i never ever skip the intro lol
    2. blocked and reported. not cool :triggered: wasn't it funny when laa laa hit po in the face? its not xenophobiadaily its gagsdaily how long are u banned for? I don't remember you active since i joined.
    3. No she's not. The real underrated is tinky. I know people in actual life who hate him to the bone.
    4. anyways I wouldn't want to see it yet again. lemme post a better one tinky winky's my kween
    5. okay but just one question @freemymindARTPOP. why are you asking? will you get it to wear everyday?
    6. that's... a lot. i only have my main one and a secret one i use to visit pages that have blocked me..
    7. i can't speak german at all lmao i only speak english, very fluently, greek, very very fluently, french, bad and a little chinese, also bad.
    8. I love the Brown Eyes one but i have a little question, that's a little off topic @BadGurlMadge: how many instagram accounts do u hold
    9. i dont speak german but i can if you like i still can't speak german, scheiße.
    10. Hey chicken this is ANTI WP 

    11. 1. I'd wish there was a ladygaganow app 2. At least the mobile version of the website, can be hard to use. Or maybe that's just me, getting used to it.