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  1. totally not from an old Gaga photo shoot or anything.
  2. really depends on my mood, but i usually skip songs from the fame and some from the asib soundtrack if i'm not feeling it
  3. ARTPOP, Grigio Girls, Diamond Heart, Joanne, The Queen, Shallow, Always Remember Us This Way
  4. there's currently nothing on but the radio.
  5. all i know is that the pink hair skin that you guys think is Gaga is actually just a Valentine's Day skin. the 20th brings in a new season. Fortnite will be releasing an ICON skin series, which will consist of skins of famous entertainers. Gaga could get put in Fortnite, but don't be surprised if she isn't.
  6. btw thank you guys for working on the site. sorry if meltdowns ensue.
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