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    1. In my opinion Chromatica isn’t the album title because why would she put ”Chromatica” on the billboard AND ”LG-6”. Like if the album name was Chromatica, I think the LG6 text is unnecessary
    2. I have none What costumes or outfits do you have
    3. NikkieTutorials' Youtube video but we don't know if it was a joke or something
    4. I want that shirt so bad I don't wear make up so this is, once again, a product I have never heard of before Haus Labs doing it (I assume they're not first). Same with the liquid to powder thing. It's cool to learn new things by following HL 😊 These pictures are one of my favorites when it comes to Haus Labs promo pics 🥰
    5. You love the real concept of LG6 or you love the concept that can be built around "Game Over"
    6. That's a good point! Wow, I didn't even think about that
    7. Ooh this would be so good album title if the album would be about love
    8. I would really like the album to be called GAGA. But I was thinking that because Joanne was heavily autobiographic, would she do second autobiographic album in a row? I know she has autobiographic songs or songs inspired by herself in her every album too but Joanne was more autobiographic than the others. And if she named an album after herself it wouldn't make sense if it wasn't autobiographic
    9. You can download Telegram and then click this link: https://t.me/insyncTG
    10. I would wish - her to be more active on her social medias I guess at this time I wouldn't even wish for more
    11. Have I missed something? When and where this happened
    12. Haha I don't think I believe either because there hasn't even been rumors that it would come on Valentine's, has there? Only the pink theme indicates release on Valenine's. If they had said that Gaga is going to announce after two weeks from now, I may have thought they are "reliable" or they know something
    13. I picked this up from Telegram, I don't know their source
    14. in sync: "Just over a week until Lady Gaga's new single is out. Expect an announcement next Monday." What do you think?