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    1. I´m happy for them 💖 And how he looks cute and hot at the same time? Ugh Gaga teach me your ways to find a man like your´s
    2. LOONA - So What I love the intense sound of this song https://youtu.be/GEo5bmUKFvI
    3. Hola a todos! Soy de México, en el estado de Tamaulipas. Soy fan desde Lady Gaga cuando mire anuncios de ella en NewNowNext, me llamo la atención y soy Monster desde entonces. Me gusta tmb el K-Pop (solo grupo de chicas, sobre todo LOONA). Ah y soy hombre, gay, lol.
    4. Marry The Night, a beautiful, melancholic and upliftin song. I remember at the time the song was released (in the Farmville game lol) I was a trainwreck. I guess thanks to this song I was ready to fight back at the world and my bad toughts. So it holds a special place in my heart.
    5. Well, there´s always things that happens behind the scenes so we never know, but IMHO the ones that are to blame for are the leakers of the single date (and of course the song and set videos too), they gave to us -the fans - specific dates. And when the date changes the rabid fans whine and said that she´s gonna flop. Juts wait for the video/song. I´ve heard is just one week more. (Sorry for my bad english
    6. Hi there fellow Mexican Monster On topic: "Stupid Love" is a bop.
    7. Oh okay, I guees waiting a little more won´t hurt. Thanks :)
    8. Hi there, I´m new here, I´m from Mexico blah blah. Can´t wait for LG6, but can someone tell me wtf is going on with the f$#ing date of the single?