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  1. I love these posters, but in my country we don't speak english. Is there any way I could get the pictures without words so I can add them on Photoshop in my language? 💞
  2. literally everywhere. i miss the btw era when i couldn't keep up with all her appearences, she was always performing in a tv show, doing interviews in different shows or radio stations, always interacting with fans on social media, making gagavision, new outfits everyday, etc. i'm really glad i was a fan during those years because they were sooo much fun, there was never a blackout. i know she's not really capable of doing that anymore because of her fibro but at least maybe be more active on twitter? anyways, being more specific AMAs, EMAs, VMAs, Grammys, Ellen, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, James Corden, SNL and possibly something innovative? like idk partering up with a company like intel or sth like that and showcase new technology that surprises everyone
  3. i think the fortnite rumour was started by a brazilian twitter acc which is known for trolling and hyping fake stuff? i might be wrong tho
  4. anyways what's with a lot of you saying you'll go back to ggd as if admin had never lied about lg6 news + posted mysterious tweets to hype us for nothing. i prefer lgn
  5. lmao so nothing's coming today? we're just getting riddles for weeks? i'm sad
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