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    1. Let the gays be creative In these hard times
    2. Did u get a confirmation it was real?
    3. Lowkey hoping It’s a fanmade, looks too heavily photoshoped to me
    4. I lowkey hope her team see this as an opportunity to start this era over. Forget about the Stupid Love fiasco and give Rain On Me a proper lead single treatment or go with another song perhaps. I feel like SL wasn’t the best choice for 1st single and also the early leak didn’t help
    5. Errr... this is just shitpost from ATRL really
    6. She would be acused of trying to profit from the pandemic. And also by february no one really knew how big this would get
    7. Well ok never mind that She just confirmed herself
    8. It looks like Gaga’s official store has just issued a Covid-19 delivery advice of delay in some of the territories affected by the pandemic so it makes me think that elsewhere the original date is still on. Right now I don’t think It’s right to blame @M△⃒⃘tt for conflicted informations as we all know Gaga’s team keeps changing their minds all the time. So let’s just wait and hope for the best
    9. I’m obsessed with Cool, the 80s vibe is everything
    10. The Fame (wouldn't change at all) - Just Dance - Poker Face - LoveGame - Paparazzi The Fame Monster - Bad Romance - Telephone - Alejandro - Speechless explaining: I live for DITD but after so many other similar songs I think a different one like Speechless would give Gaga more recognition as a versatile artist. Nevertheless I think the decision to stop after Alejandro was on point. Born This Way - Born This Way - The Edge of Glory - Scheisse - You And I explaining: I believe it was a very divisive decision wether to bet on Judas as the second single because although it is a great song with a killer chorus the whole theme is very controvesial and the aesthetic she chose for Btw (Both single/album) was already too dark so if it was up to me i’d go with something lighter like TEOG. Scheisse was probably gonna face some rejection too but is a fan favorite till today so i’d like to see how it would go. YAI is an instant classic. ARTPOP - Applause - Do What U Want - Sexxx Dreams (in a remix with one of the pop girls, like Rihanna) - Gypsy Explaining: I really think the first two singles were the right choices after all, but the guest vocals in DWUW should have been provided by someone else. Forever grateful to DJWS for this catastrophical decision (ironic mode). Joanne There wasn’t much to do with this one, but maybe: - Diamond Heart - Million Reasons - Joanne (piano) - John Wayne sorry for any english mistakes, brazilian fan here
    11. Things are on hold due to the Corona outbreak, but right now I really feel like they should do something to keep the hype up, maybe tease the Ariana collab or maybe tease the album cover, who knows
    12. Never said that bro! You were right about so many things. Let’s just wait and see