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    1. This pre era was going well but after the leak IMO they should have hurried the release instead of postponing it. It doesn’t make sense to me to wait longer to drop a song that everybody already listened to
    2. Forever thankful for the masterpiece that is Applause, but now it’s time to move on
    3. Caralhoo amigas não aguento mais floodar pra dar 15 posts logo kk
    4. If nothing happens by feb 17 I’m leaving the fanbase.
    5. I’m glad she’s back to edm but I hope it gets an 80s touch like Physical by Dua
    6. The Fame 1. Just Dance 2. Poker Face 3. Paparazzi 4. I Like It Rough The Fame Monster 1. Bad Romance 2. Telephone 3. Alejandro 4. Dance In The Dark Born This Way 1. Born This Way 2. The Edge of Glory 3. Hair 4. You And I ARTPOP 1. Applause 2. Do What U Want (feat. Christina Aguilera) 3. G.U.Y 4. Gypsy Joanne 1. The Cure 2. Million Reasons 3. John Wayne 4. Joanne
    7. I enjoyed the self titled thing but I guess Babylon is way more interesting
    8. what is the prize this time?
    9. Is The outdoor thing confirmed or what