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    1. I wonder why gaga hasn't written anything yet...
    2. Gaga You are a very great inspiration to me. Not once when I had a bad day, a breakdown - you were always present in my life. Your music has always saved everything. Whenever I cried, woke up with no desire to live, you kept me alive with your music. Thanks to you I got out of it all and now I am a better person! I'm fighting for myself! You have always been an inspiration, motivation and someone important in my life. I swear this will never change, because without you and your music my life wouldn't make sense. One day I would like to stand in front of you and hug you and thank you for everything you have done in my life. You are a very brave person! You mean a lot to me. Remember, you are a valuable person. Never give up! I love you very much and will always support you in the most difficult moments, but also in the joyful ones! Love you so much, xoxo ♥ Thomas B Twitter: @xanviee
    3. Lmao... If she were to announce something, I think she would do it on her birthday
    4. It may be that the album will be released in June and by then we will get a new single + promo song. That's a good plan 😛
    5. I'm totally broken up... Dua Lipa despite the situation, he's releasing Future Nostalgia anyway, so I don't understand why the Chromatica was postponed... I'm gonna cry I CAN'T BELIEVE
    6. Stupid Love was announced on Tuesday, so maybe today Gaga will announce another single? That would be a nice SURPRISE 👀
    7. Exactly. I don't know why people can't understand that you're not an insider. All the informations you gave about Chromatica and Stupid Love was true. It's obvious that you're helping her team and sometimes you get a little hints from her team. BE KIND GUYS!
    8. To be honest, all this silence from Gaga is very annoying. The new era has great potential, but it must be promoted. We need an album cover and a tracklist for a few days. The worst part is that there are 17 days left to release the album and her team is still considering whether to postpone the release or not. This is very irresponsible behavior. For me it becomes tiring and depressing. Everyone is waiting for any information about the album, and only what we get is silence. I hope to see the cover and tracklist to Friday and that the album has not been postponed.
    9. It's starting to annoy me... Don't let them postpone anything. They could also start promoting the album and reveal the cover and the tracklist. It's like there are 17 days left for the album and we don't know anything about it. Postponement this album is gonna be a bad decision. If Dua decided to release it earlier, I see no reason to postpone the chromatica. I hope they don't decide stupidly.
    10. I think about Babylon all the time. This instrumental is so brilliant, I listen to it every day... This instrumental make me happy! MASTERPIECE!
    11. I heard that she is naked on album cover + and I heard that t gaga will announce a new single today, but it's just rumors so don't take it seriously