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  1. I've read somewhere on twitter that the album will release at midnight? Or album will be release like Rain On Me? I'm confusion
  2. You think video music will come with the song?
  3. I love her so much! She looks so happy and cute ❤️
  4. she look so good... her best era is coming ♥ 10 days!
  5. Sis... We all not ready for this.... THUNDER IS COMING
  6. Babylon, Rain On Me, Sour Candy I can't choose only one song 😱😅
  7. I- sjsjshueuw7w62626a7usus82y2yw I can't OMGGGG
  8. omg... I have exactly the same haha it's getting tiring, but I'm still waiting patiently haha
  9. Since the last post "You're my favorite" I've been checking her instagram and twitter around this hour hah
  10. I wonder what awaits us today. How about a bigger hole? hahaha
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