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    1. here comes the first WP of the day dhjsjdkdkskskksks
    2. even if she cant do 90 lives , she can do one and be memorable or iconic, like the good ol times
    3. an AHS vibe or Marilyn Manson vibed pop rock album. Like not Joanne , like real pop rock with 2009 emo meets The Fame meets 2020 music.
    4. I wish it has Born This Way promotion. Where you see Gaga everywhere and she is #1 and everyone is talking about her.
    5. I am tired of waiting. I hope Gaga speaks. and I hate the record label and her team so much. I wish she goes independent after this album or make her own record label.
    6. okay first of all : 1. Misspelling in the title. 2. For some reason your name is glitching but I really love the site , cant wait for it to grow I really wish to see stan twitter reaction gifts (including gags) here in the emojis. I wish the theme could be solid colors too not only gradients. Also an option to report people. So yeah , I really love it here, cant wait for it to grow. Cheers !
    7. I really wanted something else than Enigma.
    8. sis I have 4 accounts on GGD and they are all banned
    9. I am not streaming untill she releases LG6 lead or do an announcement
    10. LGN admins will never ban us omg what if