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    1. there are alot more info going around - people are saying world tour starting in Brazil and also Asia, but its being cut down rn cus of corona, which will die in like 1 month because it cant survive with heat
    2. Nope, MGM has confirmed 2X that May 16 is the final date for J&P and Enigma Also Chromatica Ball is most likely a world tour, not just a 6 date tour
    3. maybe it was a total number of shows by both J&P and Enigma MGM has confirmed that May 15 is the last Enigma date
    4. Nope? it is confirmed This is offcial mails sent out by Park Theater oh godga please no many insiders are saying that there will be a worldtour starting soon
    5. Many people just got this mail from the vip services from Park Theater (click link to see) mods, can you move this to news? also this probably means we will be getting a Chromatica tour
    6. Chromatica Deluxe with book and 20 tracks and then ofc I will stream i lowkey think all these editions are kinda messy
    7. gurl everyone will @ you for TAASSTEE with ARTPOP but BTW at 5. we-
    8. Her being on some different planet spreading love or something idk
    9. if u haven't seen, there are a bunch of new tags on Beyoncés website is it just a glitch or what do you think? https://www.beyonce.com/tag/helmet/ https://www.beyonce.com/tag/foot/ https://www.beyonce.com/tag/girl/ https://www.beyonce.com/tag/gold/ (THIS HAS PICTURES) https://www.beyonce.com/tag/emerald/ https://www.beyonce.com/tag/fruit/
    10. what happened???? why is she mad lol what did gaga do or what happened