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    1. Hi Gaga, my name is Yuval, and I’m 18 years old from Tel Aviv (Israel). As a little boy I’ve always loved pop music and your music, but the moment that made me a Little Monster was when The Monster Ball aired on TV. Since then, You and your music have become a big part of my life and my growing up. And you helped shape the person I am today. I hope you know that you and your music affect and change many lives across the globe. You inspire me to be a better and a kinder person every single day and also to be myself. I wish you a Very Happy Birthday and an easy time during the quarantine, and I know that many Little Monsters and Kindness Punks wish you the same! Love you so much!❤️💖 Yuval Berkowicz 💞
    2. I tried Sunset Strip, Sunset and Chateau Marmont cause it’s related to the location where it was displayed in real life Oh 🤦
    3. I think it’s related to asib or more specific the Ally sign/billboard since It was displayed in real life in LA (La weather and Feb 17 was the rumor of the Gaga billboards)
    4. One of the problems is little monsters spreading leaks like fire
    5. I need 15 posts Where is ur info from?
    6. Yeah I’m happy I haven’t listened to sl