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    1. I'm going to wait until tomorrow before I really start guessing, but I'm assuming this refers to something incredibly obscure lol.
    2. It would be one thing if Gaga announced a song, posted a release date, showed clips of the MV with a teaser, and then dipped. Took everything from the internet and said "never mind!"... But even then. I don't get the constant hostility from some fans.
    3. They're already so cute together! Happy for her! I wonder what they bought lmao
    4. Yeah I think you wouldn't be able to then. Who knows, maybe something will pop up for sale eventually? It can happen.
    5. Yeah idk, this situation is messy so I'm just here for the ride, etc. etc. I do think we are getting something soon (those candids outside of the filming studio are a major hint imo) but I don't know when that's happening so lol
    6. He's a guy on a popular pop culture forum called ATRL that's been around for quite awhile. Mr. S has claimed alerted fans of many different artists of release dates and other material days and weeks before any official announcement. He's been correct about a lot of artists too! However, his Gaga predictions almost never materialize as he claims her team scraps things quite often and changes plans like no other. Take what you will from that. It is believed he works at Spotify or a streaming platform and that's how he gets his info.
    7. Apparently Mr. S is sticking to his guns and saying that a song is still coming next week.
    8. Oh I'm sure ageism is going to be a topic of debate in the coming years; especially whenever she chooses to start a family and whatnot. Interscope's investment in Gaga will always be there, and they do happen to give her the most creative control in her music compared to other labels, but their focus is ofc going to also be placed on younger/newer acts. I don't know enough about the demographics of her younger fans, but I agree that many of the ones that tend to get upset about things like promo and performances tend to be younger. Don't get me wrong, I love those things about LG, but her career (and the music industry as a whole) has changed quite a bit from what it was 12 years ago. Things change and how music is consumed changed the way planning and promoting are done now. You can't replicate patterns that were standard practice a decade ago in this music climate.
    9. I don't think you can under normal circumstances. The only way would be through auctions or if you have connections and special privileges.
    10. It doesn't have to be that way though. Even if it is the norm for her and her label, she can still plan singles out if she wants to. It depends on how much faith the label has in the music. And in Gaga.