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    1. I think someone recorded it from a photoshoot. She's apparently been playing this song since last spring with the Haus Labs shoot.
    2. Maybe we'll get the tracklist this Friday? That could be awesome!
    3. Yeah, I also wonder how that would go. I suppose similar to the Elton John special as it would have to be remote, but maybe she'll think of something out of the box?
    4. I think she's going to announce a benefit concert or something in partnership with the WHO. As for the Fallon interview, it was very much staged lol.
    5. OMG apparently the album cover is jaw-dropping good (according to the guy that leaked the SL release date) Edit: Never mind. Fake.
    6. Someone saw that on the website of the Portuguese equivalent of HMV (record store). But I think that was just a placeholder date. Other sites said December 21, December 31, and august 12. They're all random dates.
    7. Not surprised given the pandemic and Interscope's needs for money. They are a business after all and Gaga is one of their flagship artists; they're not going to let her release a record with zero promo outside of a billboard, an ad, and stans tweeting about it. The logistics wouldn't add up. Sensitivity does matter as well. Yes she said the album is supposed to help you 'dance thru the pain' but given the situation of streaming being down and people not listening to radio, that isn't happening. The album is still coming. Let's look forward to that.
    8. It sucks because I know a lot of you guys are flying out from faraway places. I hope they are able to be rescheduled and fans are still able to go.
    9. Lowkey messy but my fav Madonna album is probably True Blue I just have a great nostalgia for it since my older sister used to blast that album when I was a baby even though the album was like, 8 years old at that point lol. Following that I think is Erotica and Ray of Light. Maybe Like a Prayer.
    10. I mentioned this on Twitter, but I have a sneaking suspicion that she wanted Babylon as the lead. Just going off the number of times she's apparently played that song (Haus Labs shoot, the instrumental in the commercial, the tagline, the Haus Labs launch party, the Paper Magazine shoot- repeatedly. That was apparently the only song she played that day lol). I really wonder if the rumors that she wanted to start the era in the spring/summer of 2019 were true... Anyways, it' a bop! Sounds like Dance in the Dark meets Venus meets Vogue meets Bowie's Fashion. I'm in LOVE
    11. I really wonder what kind of promo Gaga/Interscope has for the record because if it indeed is still on schedule and dropping April 10th, then I really don't know how the record is going to do commercially... Really hope to be proven wrong though.
    12. Yeah, I can see Universal announcing it and then may be Gaga commenting after. Sucks if it happens.
    13. I hope not, but from a business perspective, wouldn't be surprised if it did. I think if it is, she'd announce it very soon.