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    1. I like a lot artists but I really only stan Gaga and Lana Del Rey. I'm open to stanning Dua Lipa after her new songs if she keeps delivering.
    2. Love your profile pic
    3. That's really nice and it reminds me of Silent Hill . My songs were a lot more basic
    4. I deleted it but I was trying to incorporate horror tropes into it. It was very Frankensteined lol.
    5. I wish I had the confidence to write. There was a song writing competition on ATRL last summer and I was eliminated second. Granted I had never written a song before but still.
    6. Tru. I hope to god people are just trolling.
    7. Someone on reddit said the whole thing is leaked. Gaga needs to say something if the entire song and video are just online. This is an actual Pop Emergency lol.
    8. Unemployed and never had a job and just graduated from college 💅
    9. I don't have anywhere else to say this but I just hooked up with a 50+ year old man today and it was very unpleasant
    10. I'm sure y'all will roll out more features like editing and making threads soon so I just wanna say it all looks good now. I really like that there's some color in the background.
    11. I wonder when we can make threads like the conversation area on GGD. I'm looking to relaunch the Oerolicious thread.
    12. Stupid Love leaking was a fluke. I hope no one believes the actual video will leak lol. But if it does...
    13. As long as I don't have to deal with GGD moderators, idc if there was a little lie here or there. tbh, I didn't even see a post saying there would be lg6 news.
    14. Paparazzi. She made me a stan with that one.
    15. Monster should have been the last single from TFM, a few months after Alejandro.