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    1. ULTRA UNPOPULAR OPINION: hey girl feat florence
    2. My fellow homosexuals, Quarantine just made me crazy and I end up making a remix for Judas. Funk is a Brazilian rhythm 😄 Share your creations with me. (This is also my first topic here, sorry if I tagged something wrong)
    3. I almost got the first one.
    4. Titanic Rising by Weyes Blood, an awesome album.
    5. I started to play just because of these rumors... It's pretty good and I hope it's true.
    6. It was solved but that one didnt give lg6 info. The prize was a t shirt.
    7. I know where's the password... I'm just dumb and can't figure it out what it is.
    8. I thought they meant there were 2 prizes (lg6 clue + t shirt to the one who posted here first). I get it now.
    9. I believe the prize is the date of the single/mv.