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    1. She was good... But she did t have star power
    2. I m not into cosmetics.. But I bought some products.. However my cousin is very informed and yesterday she told me that a lot of people were disappointed by haus laboratories while she thinks they are very good
    3. He is the only good one in her team
    4. I think interscope doesn t want gaga to steal attention from Billie who is premiering the song at brits next week
    5. We can only hope that she doesn t delay this album due to leaks
    6. The fame is ok The fame monster i ll add speechless Btw: BTW with a different video TEOG Judas You and i ARTPOP burqa Dwyw feat usher Gypsy Applause JOANNE Million Reasons John wayne Dancing in circles Perfect illusion demo version Aisb Shallow Always remembers us this way Is that alright? Clover
    7. Moving????? That s an horrible idea.... This is the right time.. With the right promotion she could have a decent hit in her hands
    8. It is interscope fault.. It happened to Madonna and lana
    9. Something like deeper and deeper by Madonna...
    10. I would also happy to have a threesome with her and Michael.. I m not jelous