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    1. I will always be mad that Out Of Control, Nothin On (But the Radio) and Earthquake were never released
    2. Tbh, I want Gaga to continue her Vegas residency BUT, Enigma needs to go. It needs to be revamped or just follow whatever Gaga’s original plans were. It’s a mess rn. The Jazz show can stay!
    3. Born This Way and The Fame Monster obvs! Dark Gaga ftw
    4. Y’all, I’ve been to the Tottenham Stadium before and can I just say, the top level seating is horrifying. It’s really steep and can make you feel sick! Don’t be tempted by the cheap ticket price
    5. I want a Gaga x The Weeknd collab. But Gaga and Rihanna needs to happen well before that...
    6. artRave was such an awesome experience.
    7. It sounds so good being played in all these places, can’t wait for the official release! Whew
    8. Anyone else feel like they should’ve scrapped SL as the lead and gone down another route? It’s sad that it got spoiled.
    9. Hopefully LG6 will have some good pop bangers that’ll do well in the summer