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    1. This was posted last year... And it was posted months before Mr. S even said anything about the release date. https://twitter.com/its6a6a1/status/1196952083242594305
    2. The fact that they’re still playing the demo version... hello interscope can you please release the audio already?? Edit: so aparently it's not the demo since they also played the freaking instrumentals. what the hell is happening here?
    3. Stupid Love vai ahazar no Carnaval 2020 monas
    4. I don't like him, there's something about him that come across super fake and narcissistic, he's just there for the money imo.
    5. Marry The Night performance at MTV Europe
    6. "Walk the runway, leave it on, battle for your life, Babylon Don’t think twice, It’s game on, dont let it fall like Babylon Babylon, Babylon, Babylon”
    7. Stupid Love aged like milk! It feels so old now, after weeks of leaking I don't even feel like listening to it anymore.