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    1. It's not only about the numbers, be able to promote and give interviews are also part of the fun of the era. I'm sure Gaga herself had some really nice projects planned beforehand. I'd rather wait and get it the way she and her team planned than get an album and nothing else. But it's their decision in the end of day, we can only wait.
    2. Is something relate to the cameras?
    3. Ok, we get it but can't you tell us?
    4. She doesn't seem the kind who stick only in one lane, I don't think she will give up music.
    5. She needs to come to Brazil again, people here are crazy for her.
    6. IDK about the concept but it feels games will be relate somehow
    7. Really? Well I guess I'm really slow lol
    8. That's exactly what I think. Regardless of who is to blame, their security is very weak, she is one of the big names in the industry and her stuff is always leaking.
    9. Probably yes, but I would like the single to be different from the one that leaked before
    10. Good question, I was wondering the same