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    1. Legit Can't Sleep And It's Almost Midnight
    2. give the 3rd hintt or the passworrdd
    3. my mental health is already quaking share ittt
    4. I know I'm delulu but im pretty sure the code is related to this
    5. shareee :<<< I hope the code was related to my theory
    6. yall help me with the pattern I hope my theory's correct
    7. Ok Everyone hear me out so our first hint is Eye so in the ARTPOP film we got to see a close of Gaga's eyes crying which is based off Alexandre Cabanel's painting Fallen Angel. our second hint is Inez&Vinoodh in which shot the ARTPOP film so I think the password is the painting which is Fallen Angel by Alexandre Cabanel but i tried it in many different format and didn't work anyone wants to help? source:
    8. Does adding capital letters matter? all caps or all lowercase?