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    1. From info that the labels send them I think? There was a placeholder until some day ago saying December 2020
    2. A Swedish store called https://www.bengans.se/ just changed their info some day ago and it says that it’ll be released May 15th!
    3. Haven’t heard about her but it’s gonna be interesting
    4. Now the question is when is the announcement coming
    5. Hi So your music has always helped me through a lot of stuff. Whenever something is/went bad, I always look(ed) up to you and Madonna. You’re the biggest inspiration in my life. I’ve been a fan since I was a kid and I remember when I bought The Fame Monster. I couldn’t get enough of the songs Alejandro & So Happy I Could Die, and even to this day they’re my favourite songs together with Black Jesus Amen Fashion. I have never seen you live, but I wish I would someday (you need to visit Stockholm again ) I am honestly so excited for Chromatica, and I really wish you an era with lots of success and love. I wish you so much luck. Never forget you’re a big fucking legend. You have helped through very rough times in my life and I’m so thankful for that. My biggest wish for you is to have an amazing fucking birthday and I’m sending you lots of love and luck Love, Vic 🧡 Twitter: @maedonnav
    6. They’re fake as fvck He literally left a blank space because they don’t know
    7. As far as I know there is no single planned either but I’m sad Let’s put up our Alejandro candles and pray
    8. Personally I think Bedtime Stories + Erotica are wayyyy too underrated albums, they fed us visual stunning material and cool music themes as well
    9. I’m sad about the cancellation Anyways May I ask, 80’s, 90’s or 00’s Madge?😉
    10. Listen to these and tell me your opinion;p