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    1. Am I the only one surprised her team reached out J BALVIN, MALUMA, BILLIE EILISH and FINNEAS? the only artist from the line up that she's close with is Elton John basically. I'm shook.
    2. It's a bittersweet feeling for me. I'm disappointed with her team to be honest but the album cover is obviously a serve. She doesn't stop outiconing her contemporaries. I'm surprised it doesn't include the album title and that it isn't a photo of her posing in front of a solid colored background. Joanne and A Star Is Born are my favorite and second favorite album covers by her but this may beat them lol I just need to think about it without all the hype and bias.
    3. I dont get it. So are the May 15th and 16th still happening? I dont get why would they cancel them all but those 2
    4. I will decide when I see it all. I bought Joanne and A Star Is Born digitally and all I care about is having all the songs bonus tracks included. I could care less about different covers or colored cassettes and vinyls. I see them as cash grabs and I don't like to associate Gaga to that concept. I might as well just stream it and not buy it.
    5. I did enjoy Stupid Love but Sandra and the shoots she styled during the Joanne tour were more exciting.
    6. Henry Cavill as well There's also an actor that I believe is Russian and that is part of a fighting saga which is very hot but I can't remember his name...
    7. Give Sandra Amador a chance and fire his a*s. Working with him again is like wanting Gaga to be stuck with RedOne forever.
    8. Proudly a power bottom gay guy
    9. You know I like Taylor but chiiileee... This song sounds dated, uninspired and like something that wouldn't make an era last longer and instead would just end it. The vibe of the video and it's gray colors just makes it feel even more boring. I think she should have gone for a Wildest Dreams type of hit with Afterglow. And if the era could be squeezed just a bit more or just for the sake of giving something to the fans she could have release Cool Summer.
    10. Omg Billie's stylist is her biggest enemy. She or he clearly HATES her with a passion...
    11. Maybe you're both right and it's an alter ego and the album is called the same
    12. I don't know.. Maybe it doesn't work that well on Android
    13. It doesn't follow my face 💔 but your idea is great! 💖
    14. I would NOT like a collab with the ex 1D member But a collab with Katy, Madonna, JLo, Taylor, Adele, Ari, The Weeknd or Ed Sheeran (even tho the fanbase hates him) would be lit ⚡
    15. Idk I got mixed feelings cause she said she would collab with her if invited when I thought she was indeed a confirmed producer so...