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  1. Meat dress and Paparazzi. That performance turned me from a casual fan into a STAN. I was 13 but I KNEW my soul would be forever sold to her hahahahaha
  2. I want her to perform ROM so badly and maybe the third single too if that isn't too much to ask haha
  3. I'm confused. Are the exclusive mixes going to be released for sale and streaming or we have to play them from the podcast directly?
  4. i do it daily and I vote with my twitter and two different emails lol
  5. god I hate Jamiroquai since the day the vocalist shaded Gaga n e ways, I'm claiming Love Again ft. Ed Sheeran Hallucinate ft. Röyksopp Levitating ft. Madonna and Missy Elliot Physical ft. Gwen Stefani and Mark Ronson
  6. I'm not into drag or make up but I do want to buy things for my mom. If she does release skin care products that I'm more interested in. If foundations are coming I might buy one for my dark circles but idk
  7. Monterrey, Mexico and I'm the baddest bitch in town lol jk
  8. yay what do the badges mean lol does one get them after posting a certain amount of replies?
  9. um I doubt the video isn't in chronological order except for the flashbacks towards the end 1. She went to the clinic after being r*ped 2. She got home and Bo was there then she got fired from Def Jam 3. She had a breakdown 4. She became a full on pop star and dyed her hair blonde 5. She got into dance classes and we get glimpses of her insecurities represented by the ballerina scenes since she probably doesn't believe she's the best dancer in the world (but she sure puts so much effort). 6. She explodes cars but this is more like an aesthetic choice for the video, not really cannon in the story in the video 7. there's flashbacks to when she used to make herself vomit and Papa Joe helped her carry her piano 8. She got hired by Interscope 9. She "married" her insecurities and flaws and became a badass phoenix lol
  10. I have a question. Is it Techno Kids or was it Cyber Kids? I remember the yellow tribe being called Cyber Kids. Are there "Spiritual Ones" and "Rain On Me" lay outs coming as well?
  11. WAIT I only noticed there's no Vanguard award winner announced. Maybe they will skip it this year... Anyways, I'm happy that Gaga and Ariana are the most nominated singers with 9 each!!!! The other contenders with most nominations are The Weeknd with 6 noms for Blinding Lights and Billie also with 6 for different videos so the stars of the night are clearly Gaga and Ariiii
  12. oh so you do answer on your site ^.^ Taylor did but Gaga doesn't seem very invested in having long lasting album cycles since like BTW lol I'll stay hopeful. I mean, her last single was a #1 so the next one should do decently... I also don't expect a Cardigan level of visual. Omg you never know with Gaga.
  13. I doubt the video is going to be "great" if it was filmed during the pandemic haha... if the rumors about a music video or two filmed before the pandemic are true then I would be more confident about getting a cool video.
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