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    1. I'm sorry you guys but i dont see a Stupid Love release happening anymore, next week
    2. I just hope he's the one and wont break her heart
    3. Judging from its performance, Aura seemed to most logical imo Also the intro of the song
    4. Gaga said that the song of the telephone continuation would be performed during the iTunes Festival
    5. You can clearly see that John Wayne is connected to the Million Reasons music video
    6. Will there be a new LG6 detail behind this door? 🙈
    7. That was never confirmed. Only that something related with billboards will happen.
    8. The Album Cover reveal that caused the BIGGEST fanbase meltdown in history
    9. I'm expecting the lead single announcement on Valentines Day
    10. Most likely the news that Stupid Love will be released in 10 days
    11. I truly believe GAME OVER is a song title.
    12. Yeah i knew it "GAME OVER" is a song title Omg im freaking out again