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    1. i still cant believe LG6 was being release the night of my birthday and got postponed
    2. Com a situação do corona tá difícil.....
    3. Digital! And since it takes some time to physical copies arrive here someday I'll get on. I'm thinking of buying a vinyl but idk.
    4. No creo.. y mucho menos a Latinoamérica dónde está llegando el invierno.
    5. Second Time Around, Out of Control and Captivated.
    6. Hope it happens. I'm not here for Kindness Punk as a title.
    7. I hope the album announcement comes with a tracklist reveal bc it's truly is Chromatica we been knew (?)
    8. We have yet to see the claws outfit so prob happening!
    9. She's truly THE ARTIST! Imagine composing classical music!!!