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    1. Good luck, Little Artists! Can't wait to see them tbh
    2. Gaga could dm me and say it's coming on feb 28 and I wouldn't believe her.
    3. She only follows him. Her producers too. I think she won't campaign for him like she did with Hillary but she will surely support him if he wins the nom.
    4. I'm bi. So boys and girls:
    5. You can't really blame bc a postponment. It's the security of her work we should be talking, the postponment is just a consequence and it involves a whole marketing plan. I'm sure the ones investing in her and the ones that are going to promote her are pissed. And I think Interscope are the ones to blame because of the leaks, I mean if the leak we have is the final version then it's their fault?
    6. Loved it! I didn't expect it to be that good. Potato Song is my jam.
    7. I think my brain is ready to die again
    8. Gaga is inspired, she will deliver but I think that inspiration comes from happiness more than a pure deep artistic view. I'm not saying LG6 won't be art cause it's art itself.. I think as she said, pop culture was in art and now art is in pop culture? Like, she became ARTPOP si it will subtle be in LG6 but explaining itself. We know it's gonna be colorful and fun, and that she was inspired. I don't think there was more instrumental than voice in ARTPOP tho.
    9. Are we ready for After Hours?