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  1. Video for Sour Candy. We luv to see it.
  2. I think it is! There are many trashy labels out there but Interscope isn't part of that list. It's the best one for her, their catalogue is full of amazing artists and imo she gets everything she wants. There was a rumour about Warner wanting Gaga and fighting with Interscope during the ASIB soundtrack so I'm pretty sure her relationship with Interscope is even better than it was in the first place. Gaga is THE artist of Interscope. That woman power is something no label would let go. From Apple, to Intel, to the WHO, to US Presidents, tour force, the residency, the sales, now streaming, cinema...
  3. I'm sure it's because of the pandemic and it will be shipped soon but you could contact the store!
  4. Thought she creatively peaked n her first 3 years of career. Weird! Anyone tried using their littlemonsters.com acc? I don't remember mine. Rain On Me. Tsunami.
  5. Old que sim! Bem-vinda! Taca stream
  6. Amazing posters! LMs have been creating amazing things this era
  7. Still can't breathe. Amazing. The way ROM is already most played song of the last 30 days! Robert Rodriguez!! I want to send flowers to the editor cause... he/she did that!
  8. Amazing drawing! So talented! I checked your acc and I encourage you to edit this thread and add some more of them!
  9. I'm loving it tbh! But I want more machine! The cover.. the Paper Magazine give me that the man in the machine ala Giger! I hope she gives us more of that kind of visuals not just promos.
  10. I always do the gift card thing it but this time I'm buying from their site! It's the easiest way. Remember both Gaga and Ariana's store will be selling it.
  11. Yay! It's amazing what you're doing. Thanks.
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