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  1. A basic guy that's played with women and men (usually prefer men).
  2. We created a new place to share media, remixes and post new pictures and we plan to make an archive of all stuff like acapellas and instrumentals. To view the forum you'll need at least 20 content count on the forum. MEDIA CENTER. We also created a new place to release exclusive media content about Lady Gaga and to allow you to share all your fan art! 🚫 Please be assured. All artworks posted on this forum are protected and use/sale by external sources is prohibited. Any unauthorised use of any works provided by our members may lead to further legal action. We ask that you respect our members and their work. Some information to keep your work safe online Copyright laws protect electronic versions of your work as much as your ‘real’ or material work such as painting or photograph. Piracy With digital technology, it is very easy for people to copy or use other people’s work without permission. This happens a lot with music or film on the internet. Everyday, people use the internet to copy and share other people’s work for free, and without permission. This is called piracy. If you are posting your original artworks on this forum, please be sure to add a copyright tag or watermark to prevent or lower the chances of your work being pirated.
  3. If it’s like Blinding Lights, sure. He last LP/EP disappointed me. I’m cautious.
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