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  1. When did you send the email? Because I did have to wait a few days until they responded after I cancelled my order.. It‘s kinda weird they charged you, returned it and charged you again. I would be persistent and try to contact them on every single number/email they have
  2. I kinda had the same situation with her german store. I only received a shipping mail and that was it.. No tracking or something. Did you try to call them or does your email say something when it‘s supposed to get shipped?
  3. Personally my favorites are Alice, 911 and Replay. This is overall a very great album and I‘m glad she did go back to her pop roots.
  4. Mhmm, I would say Scheiße from BTW and A-YO from Joanne. ARTPOP eventually Gypsy and TFM probably Monster or DITD
  5. She really coming for blood with those visuals huh?
  6. I asked that myself a few weeks ago. The horses are probably on her ranch and the dogs I don‘t know 🤷🏻‍♂️
  7. I just woke up to the new picture and I am confusion tbh. I want this album so bad and I‘m really rooting for a May release 😩
  8. That's why I put ''cancelled/postponed'' in the text below 😊
  9. Do we even have confirmation if Sour Candy gets a music video? I'm not up to date at the time haha
  10. As you may have seen on our twitter account, we sadly can confirm that the Chromatica Ball on July 24 in Paris is cancelled/postponed. The prime minister of France just announced that all concerts will be cancelled until September. An official confirmation from Ticketmaster is expected to come in the following days.
  11. Sad that she isn‘t in the music video. She‘s my favorite dancer, but ROM is ready, yaaas 😭
  12. Well slay I guess. That tracklist is everything. What do you think is the holy trinity? I say Rain On Me, Plastic Doll and Babylon
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