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    1. Well another kindness speech, but hey at least we see her and know she‘s okay 😊
    2. I seriously hope that the virus is gone by June/July, so we can continue with everything she planned for us
    3. Please do not ask for links. Thank you 😊
    4. I woke up with a message from a friend that the album leaked and I ran as fast as I could
    5. I couldn‘t agree more tbh. Showing excellent taste
    6. I‘m too dumb for this But I will try anyway nnn
    7. Yeah I snatched GC EE tickets today. @Unwritten turns out you had more luck than me yesterday nnnn
    8. I‘m going to London on my own. I hope I can snatch tickets on Tuesday
    9. I bought the Deluxe CD, Standard, Vinyl and the cassettes
    10. A bop. And criminally underrated