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    1. Yes we are. Can‘t wait for more like Blinding Lights
    2. Literally the whole ARTPOP album. It helped me going through the hardest time of my life.
    3. My sister bought me the album and we blasted it together in her house. I started to cry and she was like „omg wtf is this“
    4. Marges

      Drag Central

      I have to admit, he has some bops
    5. Marges

      Drag Central

      I only watched the season with Pearl and Violet Chachki and the episodes with Gaga, I stanned tho
    6. Isn‘t that a Thursday? Is that common to release on this day of the week?
    7. But in the other way, she did perform Applause on GMA. But why would someone record the rehearsal and publish it?
    8. This screams fake in my opinion