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    1. This doesn’t belong in the news section. Moved to thoughts for you Also, preach! Gaga hasn’t said a single thing about the release. We are all getting angry at Gaga because fake insiders keep posting false info.
    2. Of course I do... eww the gif won’t load ok
    3. There is more to the door than you think there is. Let's also just wait for the date and see what happens
    4. These are all absolutely brilliant everyone!
    5. Kesha was the first artist I ever stanned. That was early/mid 2010. Since then, it's really just been her and Gaga I pay close attention to. However, I do listen to plenty of other music.
    6. I sure hope so. Like, honestly I'm dying at this point without new music.
    7. What do you mean? Stupid Love is already out
    8. But a month later, when every fan has the song already is something completely different. With Applause, they officially released the song within a few hours of it leaking in HQ. Perfect Illusion never officially leaked, just a few snippets. Born this Way didn’t even leak either.
    9. It just seems weird to officially release the exact same song that leaked a month prior. Like, I’m sure a lot of fans would be tired of the song by the end of the month, no?
    10. If the single is indeed Stupid Love, I just hope that it’s changed a bit from the leak we got. I’m somewhat over the song we have now, due to listening to it every day.
    11. We need to start blaming the leakers more than Gaga. I'm sure she is just as devastated as us, even more, What you and all of us can do to help is start by reporting any leaks you see.
    12. I don't think the whole thing is out. I believe that's just people spreading misinformation.
    13. That's amazing. What type of job in law are you hoping to get into?
    14. Hey everyone! We finally have a place to discuss current events, our personal lives, etc! So, I'm curious - What do you do on a daily basis? Are you a student. If so, what do you study? Do you work? If so, what type of work do you do? Are you unemployed? If so, what do you do with your time? Personally, I work part-time in tourism and have a full-time self-employed job creating horror documentaries. It's not what I studied for, but I'm quite happy with what I'm doing now! So, what about you?