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    1. I just hope that it didn’t get moved too far away. I’m hoping it comes one week after the cancelled date, so on 28/2
    2. It’s so hard to choose but vocally her sound of music tribute and million reasons at the royal variety was the best.
    3. Is something still happening with the “check your billboards on 17/2” or has that been postponed also?
    4. 1. Joanne 2. ARTPOP 3. TFM 4. ASIB 5. BTW 6. TF 7. Cheek to cheek
    5. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that nothing new gets leaked. I feel like it destroys the hype.
    6. I’m really hoping it’s Stupid Love, that song is a bop
    7. Sadly I haven’t yet attended any of Gaga’s tours. It’s hard to choose a favorite because they’re all amazing in their own way but I’d have to say JWT. To me it has the best visuals, setlist and costumes. Everything about that tour is perfect 💖
    8. Does anyone know why the single gets postponed?